Festival jury


brojoveebMaroš Brojo

Maroš Brojo is an artistic director at Fest Anča international animation festival situated in Žilina,
Slovakia. As a program coordinator he manages Bratislava’s cinema Foajé and Film Club 35mm,
where he specializes in animated, short, experimental and amateur films. He is a member of Slovak
Audiovisual Fund commissions for development and production of animated films and also regularly
writes reviews, critiques, commentaries and papers for several Slovakian film and culture magazines
and websites.


HefangWeiveebHefang Wei
(China, France)

Hefang Wei is an animator from France, with roots in Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy.
Wei’s „The Banquet of the Concubine“ won Animated Dreams 2013 Granx Prix and numerous other
awards from all over the world. She also mentors new filmmakers and works as a filmmaker at
Folimage animation studio in Valence, France, making feature and short movies, as well as TV series.



Kaspar_jancisveebKaspar Jancis

A composer, musician, artist and filmmaker who’s versatile talents have graced theatre stages,
concert venues and cinema screens. Jancis studied animation in the end of 1990s in Turku, with the
legendary Estonian animator Priit Pärn as his mentor. Jancis‘ last film „Villa Antropoff“ (2012) got
wide international recognition, gathering prizes from festivals all over Europe.




Tudeng_Heinrich_SeppveebHeinrich Sepp 1990

Nightwatch, licenced film director and an animation Master’s student at Estonian Academy of
Arts, who is hoping to create something lively and beautiful.




Tudeng_Teresa_LebreveebTeresa Lebre 1992

Now a full-time Master’s student in animation, Teresa has studied photography and arts in
London and Porto. She is amazed by animations with a strong documentary component, likes to
stretch and combine techniques and loves a narrative, that unravels its own forms and hidden
meanings, past and memories.



Tudeng_Michal_BlaszczykveebMichał Błaszczyk 1986

Self-taught animator and figurative painting student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna,
raised on graphic novels for kids and Czech and Polish cartoons. What appeals to him in
animation is the way the fictional environments and its inhabitants come to life entirely in an
artist ́s imagination, allowing the childish and surreal element to appear.



Tudeng_Vesse_VeeringveebVesse Veering 1988

Vesse started his animation studies in the Estonian Academy of Arts, where he has now started
his Master’s studies. In 2013 he also completed a 3D Computer Animation course in Media
Design School in Auckland, New Zealand. Vesse considers himself a storyteller at heart and
has found that through animation he can tell the stories without any limitations.



Tudeng_Evgeniia_GolikovaveebEvgenia Golikova 1987

A new animation Master’s student at The Estonian Academy of Arts, Evgenia has studies textile
design in St. Petersburg, paints, does collages and has worked with short films. She considers
animation to be the most exciting form of communication, because of the creativity and vision,
as well as knowledge from related fields (photography, painting and directing) it requires.